NOVEMBER 25th from 6pm till 9pm Hunting and Collecting launches it’s first fashion design collaboration project together with DEAREST , a new Brussels based menswear label founded by Alice Knackfuss and Simon-Pierre Toussaint.

+ the launch of “DEAREST HUNTING AND COLLECTING” an exclusive capsule collection for Hunting and Collecting, consisting of a complete outfit in three different fabrics: A JACKET, A PAIR OF PANTS, A SHIRT and A PAIR OF SHOES.
Available exclusively at Hunting and Collecting.

Musical intervention by DJ Dancemachine during the drinks!!

Dearest Origin: 2010, Brussels, Belgium

Dearest Designers: Alice Knackfuss & Simon-Pierre Toussaint

Dearest Fields: Menswear

Dearest Biography:

Alice Knackfuss has graduated from the Fashion and Design Academy of Munich (Germany).In 2009, after a collaboration with Kris Van Assche and Ute Ploeier, she won the Diesel prize of the ITS8 festival in Trieste (Italy).

Simon-Pierre Toussaint has graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp (Belgium). In 2009, he won two prizes at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères (France).

Alice and Simon-Pierre met in Hyères and decided to create their own label called Dearest. They live and work in Brussels (Belgium).

Dearest Style:

Dearest focuses on the classics of the masculine wardrobe. The forms are wearable, creative, sensible. Dearest uses fabrics ranging from technical to classic—leather and net to wool and cotton. The fabrics behave differently on each body—sometimes fragile, sometimes fearless. The pieces fall and settle on the shoulders. Dearest takes inspiration as much from music as from 7th art, contemporary art…