A5 Format – 129 pages

Hunting and Collecting opened its doors on the 27th of february 2010 on rue des Chartreux 17, in Brussels, Belgium. Our aim is to bring emerging culture : fashion, design, art and lifestyle to the heart of the city.. We have been hunting and collecting designers and artists from all over the world, curating what in our eyes is relevant in independant creative expression today. Each season, spring/summer and fall/winter, we will be exploring new territory and we will publish a journal, with a small selection of what we have featured in store and on our website.

HUNTED AND COLLECTED #1 is the first edition of a series of books, accompanied by an exhibition, a poster and other material to keep an archive of what we collect each season.

Todays world is fast moving and forever changing; media constantly broadcasts about new releases and designers keep creating wonderful products and amazing collaborations. We cannot contain it all, but we can do our best to reflect our taste and vision in regards to global creativity.

We aim for ‘Hunted and Collected’ to become a collectible item, one which will become more important over the years, a book we can look back on and experience what is timeless and what is innovative.

Aude Gribomont and Niels Radtke
Hunting and Collecting

With forwords by Adam Bryce
(The New Order/SlamxHype), Lena Loginova (.origami mon ami) and Stijn Verlinden (I love Belgium)

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