Origin: 2009, Paris, France

Designers: Alix Thomsen and Lionel Bensemoun

Bio: Alix Thomsen and her fiancé Lionel Bensemoun launched the Thomsen shirt line in 2009. They wanted to focus on clas- sics for men and woman, meaning fancy, comfortable, stylish with an upbeat poetic twist, and deliberately unaffected by mood-swinging trends.


The cuts, all timeless, simple and carefully thought-out, remain ever-present year after year, while a new range of daring fabrics, quintessential to the brand, guarantees ex- citement turns up every season.
Shirts are fitted, easy to wear, infused with a dash of dandy-like humor. Jackets are structured but limber, sli- ghtly nonchalant yet impeccable, and wear as easily as a cardigan would.