SLAMXHYPE.COM & The New Order Magazine was started in 2003, a pioneer in bringing street culture, fashion and art to the world through the internet. can be pinpointed as the influencing source which led to the mass influx of blogs and online media over the past 7 or 8 years. Daily concentrates on curating news, information and opinion from around the globe. Bringing news on fashion, street fashion, contemporary art, culture and more, is also the home of the collective blogs of some of the cultures most influential figures, weekly indepth interviews and features, and slambase, an online directory to all the names, brands, stores in fashion and art today. Everything you see on is carefully curated and selected to showcase what we consider the authentic and influential aspects of the culture.

The New Order Magazine was founded at the beginning of 2009. After the success of, we wanted to create a platform and medium which wasn’t confined to many of the restrictions and barriers of the internet. At the same time, we felt there was a gap in the magazine market. Again, our focus was to represent the culture in its most authentic form, showcase fashion whether it be high fashion from Rick Owens or Lanvin, or street fashion from Supreme or Stussy. Fine Art from the likes of Richard Prince or Aaron Young, and street art from Os Gemeos or Banksy. Our aim is to represent the culture in its most true sense. Distributed around the world, at some of the finest boutiques and galleries alongside newsagents, in just over 1 year, The New Order Magazine has become one of the best respected and most in demand magazines available today. The New Order Magazine is unique in that it pulls together a community of the some of the world’s best stylists, photographers, editors and writers, who all share the same drive to create the most authentic content available today, and document our culture as it deserves to be. (text: Adam Bryce)