Origin: 2005, Melbourne, Australia

Designer: Natalie Wood

Field: Womenwear


After making a name for herself with the successful experimental high-end label Sample, launched with Vanessa Coyle (who is now senior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar UK), Wood went on to become the designer of several other brands before launching her cute, cool, and superpopular womenswear line Something Else. Now something of an institution in Australia, Something Else is a label for every fun-loving, creative, fashion-forward girl.


Natalie Wood, Creative Director of Australian fashion brand Something Else has intertwined her passion for art, nature, pop culture and design, delivering collections channeling high-fashion sensibilities with a feminine sophistication to street chic style. Beyond the garments, Natalie Wood’s label promotes a strength and confidence among women, celebrating opinion, action and consideration for the world around it, especially by supporting nature and the arts. Natalie collaborates with a collective of artists and creatives from all corners of the globe, contributing unique artworks to transform wearable garments into directional pieces of fashion.