2001, London, England

Founders: Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie

Field: Mens-womenswear, shoes


B store brand originated in august 2001 as a shoe line. The store opened at the same time, to launch the brand to an international market. The original concept for the store was to create a breeding ground for young creative’s, fashion designers, artists and product designers. It started by selecting graduates from the London college’s to compliment the brand. For the first 4 years in the original site on Conduit street, b store as both a brand and store created a cult following with press and consumers, which resulted in achieving stockists worldwide. The store went on to help launch the career’s of many young designers and built a reputation for stocking a selection of new, young talent. In 2006 the demand for more space led to the move of the store to its current place of residence on Savile row. The same year the brand extended its offer to include a unisex clothing line which gave b store another dimension and that year the store won the british fashion award for shop of the year. The store has continued and strengthened it’s support of young designers, adding 2 to 3 new graduate’s each season to the selection of designers and regularly using the space to house installations from a mix of designers and artists.


The vision for both b store as a brand and a store is the same;

A modern accessible concept but with a clear message, to be individual, confident and not to follow. We don’t see b store as a leader of all things new but a selector. We strive to add something that is missing from the modern consumers’ life and that is an independent view, away from the world of branded luxury. The brand is an extension of our vision, another tool to reach a wider audience. Creativity is a word that is important to us and using it in a way that is not elitist, other words we are not afraid to use to explain the b store ethos are cool, young, modern and wearable.