bwgh-ss13-point-of-view-2At the birth of BWGH, here are two parisian friends fascinated by elsewhere. Since always, the fellows explore the urban culture of the world keeping in mind their goal which is to create a multidisciplinary structure. Also, it is this idea of a creation of all the moments that BWGH wishes to embody.
Since 2010, the label is attached to emphasizing the works of those who participate to the culture of our time through several actions: the creation of a collective of young photographers, the organization of cultural events and the establishment of a biannual magazine. The extension of those penchants, attractions and desires are incarnated today along the seams of a wardrobe conceived by this duo and their team.Each collection is thought according to discernible and inspiring cultural referents, in outlines or details, and are made to be worn by an open and passionate generation.