Assembly NY

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2009, New York, USA

Designer: Greg Armas

Field: Menswear (unisex)


Originally studying fine art and curatorial studies in Los Angeles, Greg Armas operated contemporary galleries and launched the designer and vintage concept boutique Scout LA in 2003. Before relocating to New York in 2008, Armas worked as an architectural and retail consultant in Tokyo. Opens the select retail shop Assembly New York in spring 2008, and establishes the namesake collection in 2009: a unisex range rooted in natural materials, tradition and future-primitive details.

Assembly is a unisex and uniform range, combining exclusively natural and historic fabrics in a spirit of a future-primitive instinct; utilizing the organic technology of those survivalists before us. Garments of linen, cashmere, and fine cotton with leather and pure silk details (fur-lined pockets, suede-lined waistbands..) are intended to create comfort and durability, allowing each piece to stand on its own and achieve archival quality. Subtlety is paramount and design details are concealed and personal, available only to the wearer. All garments are handsewn in New York City and are available year round in varying and appropriate fabric selections.