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    THURDAY APRIL 3 2014 – 7PM

    Nature and the supernatural play an important role in the work of Filip Vervaet (°1977), while the study of objects and their origins displayed in different scenographies generate a multitude of relationships and interpretations in the young oeuvre of Sharon Van Overmeiren (°1985). Both artistic practices are characterized by a various mix of appearances such as sculpture, installation, video and performance, often physically interacting with the viewer. A collaboration between these two multidisciplinary artists derived in the installation entitled “Ignorance is strength”. 

    The starting point of this installation is the concept of a display window, where objects are exposed and presented in a certain scenography. Sharon and Filip started reflecting on different ways of looking at things in a functional, philosophical as well in a metaphysical way. As German literary critic Walter Benjamin described in The Passagenwerk or Arcades Project the desire that is created by strolling around and looking through the display windows of arcades of Parisian 19th century shopping streets. Van Overmeiren and Vervaet show us a virtual, almost surreal dreamworld. Looking through the glass they present us an image of a utopia in a mythical demeanor and clues referring to a political critique. The shop window functions simultaneous as a mirror or reflection of society nowadays. They are showing us an exotic fata morgana of cultural objects that are generating different interpretations, as a domestic horticulturist would structuralize nature.
    The relationship between objects and the natural, the natural that becomes supernatural, the transformation of objects into sculptures and these used as practical objects.
    For this project Sharon Van Overmeiren and Filip Vervaet worked together with artist and fashion designer Jack Davey and graphic designer Tom Tosseyn.
    On the opening Hantrax will perform and complete the installation with an oblique soundscape.