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    ELODIE CHAPUIS  - www.elodiechapuis.com

    French photographer based in Paris. Currently works for music and fashion magazines.

    After modeling, she starts photography in 2006

    The following year, alongside her commissioned works in fashion, moved by a sensitive attraction for the musical scene, she takes on board for 4 days coverage of the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, first step of what will become a personal artistic project.

    Her work in music focus on Live performances and off stage portraits throughout an evolutionary journey that gave ground to a first exhibition in April 2010 at Le Bon Marche Paris (Esprit Factory).

    Permanently looking for new upcoming artists and bands opening gigs in France, Elodie was one of the first to cover live in Paris of The Temper Trap, White Noise Sound recently or The XX in 2009.

    Her powerful portraits and Live photographies of musicians includes The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, The Drums , Razorlight, Phoenix, Florence and The Machine, Iggy and The Stooges, White Lies, Peter Doherty among others and are regularly featured in music publications such as Rock and Folk and Indie Magazine.

    [STAGE ME OUT] is the second chapter of Elodie’s personal road music project, composed with a series of cutting edge black and white photographies that pushes you in front of the stage and captures the essence of the music scene.

    “I capture moments through what my eyes feel, when the sound and the lights blast over everything. Live gets so fleeting but at the same time so real to a point that one might find surrealist to imagine artists in another context.”

    “As the reality is in color, black and white feels directly bound with the imagination, and it is a part of imagination I wish to share throughout my photographies”

    Special thanks to all artists, managers and magazines without whom….


    26 MAY – 19 JUNE Photographies. Documents and installation will complement the Photography’s exhibition.

    HUNTING AND COLLECTING, 17 Rue des Chartreux – 1000 Brussels